Our Story

The journey to starting my own business is a long one.

When my children were young, I threw themed-birthday parties for them complete with cakes, décor, and photo opportunities.

I always enjoyed the making of memories and filling these moments of life with purpose.

As my children entered middle and high school, I re-entered the workforce, punching the old timecard just as most everyone.

At that position, I learned the value of customer service. I honed my administrative skills, working diligently to make sure the client using the company’s services had a pleasant experience.

I learned valuable lessons, gaining knowledge about coordination and planning. I also made contacts in the business world.

Even while I worked my 9:00-5:00 job, I had this urge to plan parties and events.

I did wedding showers, hosted French Bistro/Café Luncheons, and a Red-Carpet Night. I also planned birthday parties, Derby Day, Mexican Fiestas and many more.

When I wasn’t doing that, I coordinated ladies shopping trips for my friends or hosted various holiday get-togethers at my home.

Eventually, it was time to move on, and I was encouraged (strongly) by those close to me to take my passion for organizing events to the next level by starting my own business.

I could use my affinity for planning and organizing gatherings full time. Out of that sprung Events By Rosanne. I decided on the tagline: It’s All In The Details because it’s an excellent representation of what we want to assist others with.

Not everyone enjoys planning. There are so many things one needs to think about.

Even if planning is fun for you, it’s hard to enjoy the party when you’re working through it.

Events are made or broken with tiny details. On their own, they don’t seem important, but combined together, they can create the desired effect, or ruin it.

Since deciding to start Events By Rosanne, I have been growing my network of trusted businesses and venues. I am a member of my local chapter of BNI (a business networking group) and my group has taught me a lot. It’s broadened my horizons being a part of a community of other business owners!

With every event, I do my very best to ensure every detail reflects the person/company.

I believe listening, organizing, and creating a personalized get-together is important. Giving a party with that extra helping of creativity makes it memorable and will be appreciated for years to come. Making my client’s dreams and wishes a reality- to the best of my ability is a treasured feeling. Seeing an idea come to life; watching my client enjoying their event is an honor. Creating that moment is my gift I offer to you. I want to help you get that unique experience you’re looking for!